For McKim Alumni

For centuries now, The McKim Center has had a powerful and positive impact on the lives of thousands of Baltimore youth who have passed through its doors and benefitted from its programs. If you’re a McKim graduate, you know that “growing up” doesn’t mean “aging out.” You will always be part of the McKim family. It is you who has made it possible for us to “build strong community since 1821.” You are… the spirit of connected community. We are – and always will be – here for you. So stay in touch. Find out what’s going on. Join in.

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Alumni Special Request: Share your stories!

Attention all McKim alumni! Please, share your stories of McKim with us! Whether you’re 8 or 80, you may have a story of how the McKim Center, its programs, coaches, or staff had a positive impact on your life. You may have a tale to tell about good times at McKim that you’ll never forget. Let us know. We’ll print them and share them with others. Spread the word. Send your story to: [email protected]. Or send your contact info (phone or e-mail) and we’ll get in touch with you to record your story. Whatever works for you! We’re dying to hear from you. Everyone should know about the McKim Center. Help us do that!