The McKim Free School is established through a charter from the Maryland General Assembly


McKim’s iconic school building on Baltimore Street is completed

1830’s – 1900’s

McKim serves a primarily immigrant population; a free night school for young men is established (1880); and the McKim Free kindergarten is established (1891)

1900’s – 1920’s

McKim begins to transition from primarily a school to a community center with the help of both the local Quaker Community and the Second Presbyterian Church, which established a mission at McKim. In 1924, McKim’s name is changed to The McKim Community Center.

1940’s – 1950’s

The McKim buildings are refurbished and several new projects are established with an emphasis on youth programs, including the McKim wrestling program.


The McKim buildings are donated to Baltimore City by the Quakers and Presbyterians and a board of trustees is maintained to oversee the programs and function of the McKim Community Association.

1975 – present

McKim alumnus, Dwight Warren, becomes McKim’s executive director in 1975. Under his tenure, the number of educational initiatives, youth programs, and community partnerships has expanded exponentially, turning McKim into the hub of Jonestown and the anchor for like-minded organizations moving into the area. Today, McKim continues to serve the residents and children of Jonestown and Baltimore with programs grounded in structure, discipline, and love.