Why We're Here

Throughout the centuries, Jonestown has always held a special place both for the newly arrived and the left behind. As our history will tell you, the McKim Center has stood as Jonestown’s anchor for nearly 200 years and today it is a beacon for other like-minded organizations, attracted to Jonestown by McKim and its spirit of community service.

As its anchor, McKim is uniquely positioned to cultivate the gifts, talent, and potential of the residents of Jonestown and to recognize the rich resources embodied in their drive, resiliency, and determination. First and foremost, then, McKim has been dedicated to the needs of the residents of Jonestown, particularly its youth.

That has not changed. However, as the community of those who serve McKim has expanded beyond the boundaries of Jonestown (see map), so too have the communities we serve. Our goal today is to become the leading community center for the children and families of Jonestown – with doors open to all – and the role model for community centers throughout Baltimore City.

We are dedicated to providing academic, physical, social, and spiritual growth to the remarkable young people of Baltimore who, nevertheless, may lack access to some of the resources and advantages others take for granted. McKim’s goal is to nurture our promising youth in a safe environment and to develop in them the confidence and skills needed to take their place in society as productive adults empowered to handle challenges and inspired to make their own contributions.

Making our city and neighborhood a better place for children also means addressing community needs. In response, McKim has an array of partnerships designed to foster the health and well-being of all our neighbors. Click here to learn more.