Frequently Asked Questions

Q. Who does The McKim Center serve?

A: The McKim Center primarily serves the residents of Jonestown, with a focus on youth programs and ancillary community programs. Children in McKim’s after-school and summer camp programs come from the surrounding neighborhoods of Perkins Homes, Pleasantview Gardens, Albermarle Square, and Douglas Homes. Our athletic programs meet a broader, city-wide need.

Sixty percent of the Jonestown families served by McKim live in poverty. 94.3% are single-parent households. Nearly 50% are not reading at grade level. 20.7% of adults are unemployed and the median household income is $14,105. 13.2% have no health insurance. For more information about the Jonestown neighborhood, consult the 2017 Baltimore City Health Department Neighborhood Health Profile.

Q. Does McKim serve other communities beyond Jonestown?

A: As McKim’s reputation for helping children become confident, productive, and successful young adults has grown, so too has its outreach to other neighborhoods and communities. It currently attracts young people from across Baltimore to its athletic programs – bringing to these children and their families the same holistic care and attention with which they serve the residents of Jonestown.

Q. Is McKim a faith-based organization?

A: Though the McKim Center was the inspiration and dream of Baltimore Quaker, John McKim, and though McKim owes much of its success to its long-term and invaluable relationships with both the Religious Society of Friends (Quakers) and the members of the Second Presbyterian Church of Baltimore, McKim is not itself a faith-based organization. The Quakers, Presbyterians, and other faith-based groups partner with McKim because they are called to this community work. As a community center, McKim is open to and serves people of all denominations and races.

Q. Why is it important to maintain McKim’s two architectural structures?

A: Both the familiar red-brick Meeting House at Fayette and Aisquith and the iconic, Neoclassic inspired main building on Baltimore Street are landmark buildings dating back to the late 18th and early 19th centuries, which should be preserved as historic structures. More importantly, they symbolize the spirit of John McKim, the importance of community, and the timeless values of “structure, discipline, and love” to which the McKim Center is dedicated.

Q. What does the future look like to McKim?

McKim’s vision is to become the leading community center in Baltimore and a role model for all other community centers. It is our goal to continue to develop new programs that will educate, enrich, and inspire the youth of Baltimore and serve the needs of our local community and its residents. Current plans are to widen the reach of our athletic programs and to deepen our emphasis on wellness and the arts (theatre, dance, and film) in our after school and summer camp programs. Our partners in this exciting work include the Baltimore Algebra Project, the Baltimore Wisdom Project, and the Friends School of Baltimore. We’re also partnering with the Jonestown Planning Council and the Historic Jonestown Corporation to ensure that all of our neighbors can contribute to the vitality and future direction of Jonestown. The possibilities are limitless. The future is bright. And with your help, we will get there. Click here to find out how you can support The McKim Center.