Our Core Values: Building Blocks

McKim is a landmark institution founded on the bedrock values of “Structure, Discipline, and Love.” With these as our guiding principles, coupled with a fervent dedication to community, we will continue to make positive and empowering changes in the lives of Baltimore’s children and their families.

Structure: At McKim, we believe that providing structure – figuratively and literally – to the lives of the young people we serve gives them the strong foundation they need to build character and develop into productive citizens. The iconic McKim building is a visual symbol of our grounding in this community. It is a symbol of continuity that signals to the promising youth of our community that we are – and always will be – here for them. Our programs – with their emphasis on preparedness, practice, teamwork, partnership, and cooperation – provide the daily structure needed to ensure the possibility of success and access to opportunity.

Discipline: No one is required to participate in the McKim Center programs. To participate is a choice. When you choose McKim, you choose to abide by its rules of civility, kindness to all, inclusiveness, and cooperation. When you join a McKim team, you choose to participate as a team member, to do and bring your best to every practice and every competition. This is what we mean by discipline. It is the discipline of the self for the greater good.

Structure and discipline require guidelines to what is expected and limits to what is accepted. Or as long-time director, Dwight Warren puts it, “Kids need limits in order to reach their limitlessness.”

Love: The one thing McKim provides unconditionally and without limits is love. Everyone who walks through the doors of McKim is loved, valued, and welcomed. In return, our young people are taught that love, itself, is a value that they, too, can embrace and share with others.